My name is Andi Rose, and I’m a Holistic Birth Keeper.

I can walk beside you as you negotiate your fertility and move through the powerful thresholds of birth, pregnancy and postpartum.

My work combines evidence-based knowledge and ancient ancestral wisdom.

The roots of my work:

I am mostly self taught, but have also had the privilege of learning from some incredible teachers. I consider this work to be a gift from my ancestors that is meant to be shared with community. My work is grounded in an ethic of harm reduction, non-judgement, and meeting people where they are at. I’ve been a forager and herbalist for over a decade and this way of life is woven into my birth keeping.

I wrote a book about HOLISTIC CONTRACEPTION and I offer one-on-one personalized consultations.

Wise Woman Way:

I can help you envision and achieve the birth of your dreams, unencumbered by the limiting habits of the medical world – because birth is not a medical event but rather a potent, empowering and life changing spiritual portal. I can support you and your baby with nourishing herbs and delicious bone broth based meals. I am not a medical midwife or weekend-trained-doula, I’m a dedicated birth keeper, walking the ancient path of the wise woman way.

When you work with me your desire leads the way…