About Me

I have supported people to navigate their fertility for most of my adult life.

My learning originally grew from my desire to liberate myself. Through training, practice and research I developed the HOLISTIC CONTRACEPTION PYRAMID which I have turned into a digital book that you can purchase here.

I carry a decade of experience practicing this method and sharing what I know with others through writing, workshops and one-on-one care. I am knowledgeable about medical and natural contraception options, as well as herbs, holistic abortion care and fertility awareness.

Though my practice was originally focused on contraception and pregnancy loss, in recent years I branched out into learning about pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

My learning was initiated by supporting loved ones through pregnancy, and deepened when I became pregnant myself. I helped my baby’s father learn about pregnancy and birth, and he became my primary support person (along with my mother) at the birth of our daughter.

My work is trauma informed and embraces an ethic of harm reduction.

I have experience working in harm reduction professionally, both at music festivals and with high risk youth in the foster care system. I also have experience working with LGBTQ people and sex workers. I have over 300 hours of training in yoga including yin, and trauma informed yoga. I have taught in studios across Canada including at teacher trainings.

My approach relies heavily on herbal wisdom and wild foods. I’ve been a herbalist and forager for over a decade. I share my practice through Smoke & Forage: wild herbal remedies that work.