Pregnancy & Birth

I can walk with you from conception to post-partum.

I often arrive with hand crafted herbal remedies or nourishing bone-broth based meals. I carry traditional and evidence based knowledge, and offer skilled emotional support.

I don’t believe it is my place to manage your care, but rather to walk along side you, as your sacred witness.

I also sometimes provide resource referrals, advocacy, trauma resolution, ritual and spiritual support.

Plus I’m a pretty good tarot card reader.

Each step of the journey looks different…

Prenatal may include:

  • Fertility health, cycle tracking and conscious conception
  • Envisioning your dream birth and planning to make it happen
  • Preparing fathers and other loved ones for pregnancy, birth and post-partum.
    I believe family support is key, and fathers catching their babies can be life changing. We know that life givers need lots of rest, love and support in post-partum. I also understand that family looks different for each person.
  • Prenatal nutrition: like stinging nettle, lots of local protein and my wild prenatal tea blend.
  • Meditation, yoga, birth affirmations and hypno-birthing
  • Communication with other care providers and family members. I can help you define and express strong healthy boundaries.
  • Helping you apply for grants: like Doulas for Aboriginal Families or Bear Essentials.
  • Travel planning if you choose to leave home, which in most cases is not necessary.

Birth may include:

  • Pain relief and comfort measures. Birth doesn’t need to be painful, but some hip squeezes and labour dancing never hurts. The safer you feel the smoother the journey.
  • Setting up sacred space. Think twinkly lights, candles, birthing pools or your favourite bath tub, soothing smells and soft blankets. Your instincts lead the way.
  • Communication with family members. I can send them updates so you can stay in the portal undisturbed.
  • Hydration and snacks
  • Help with decision making
  • Birth photography
  • Placenta encapsulation

    Mostly I will leave you alone and only intervene when asked to do so.

Postpartum may include:

  • Honouring birth stories
  • Assembling care teams
  • Setting up meal trains
  • Broth-based healing meals
  • Support with baby feeding
  • Newborn care
  • Contraception planning

To explore possibilities for working together in person, you can book a free 15 minute feeler call.

Please keep in mind that I mostly work in person on Northern Vancouver Island. I am however open to travel, and I am able to support people long term over the phone and through the mail. Please only book a feeler call if you are looking for a long term supportive relationship. Ie: a care relationship encompassed by a number of visits, OR if you are seeking support at your birth.

I also offer 1 hour deep-dive birth vision sessions.

These sessions are best suited to people who want answers to their questions, but don’t necessarily want in-person or long-term support. They will best meet the needs of people envisioning their dream birth, but hitting road blocks in the care provided to them. These sessions would also be well suited to people who have questions that are not necessarily related to birth, but are related to the ((pregnancy—post-partum)) continuum.

I offer 30 minute conversations to youth (19 and under) free of charge.